Manchester United Forums

Manchester United Forums

The full list of Manchester United forums from across the globe. From Norway to Indonesia, will keep adding to this list as we find decent forums. If you would like to suggest a forum please use the comment box at the bottom of this page.

Red Cafe Forum

Red café- In coherence with their tagline, red cafe are arguably one of the leading Manchester United fan forums where fans open threads to discuss about current club issues, news, transfer rumors etc.  To be a member, you just need to fill-in your personal details (i.e. your email address, username, date of birth etc.). Once you’re a member, you can start having discussions with the rest of the member base of this amazing fan community and be a part of it.

Manchester United Supporters Club Bulgaria This is a huge platform for Manchester United fans living in Bulgaria. Like other fan forums, this site also consists of threads related to Manchester United’s ongoing news, issues, transfer talks and whatnot, except, all of it is in Bulgarian language! Life has never been easier for Manchester United fans in Bulgaria as they can articulate themselves in their own language on a site of their own country.

Manchester United Indonesia The red heaven for Manchester United fans in Indonesia. With a total of 674,138 posts and counting and a member base of about 36 thousand, this forum is one of the leading Manchester United fan forums and is well known for it’s hooliganism.

Utdforum This forum has 242,924 threads related to Manchester United. First developed in 2006, it is still one of the most active Manchester United supporter forums.

Stretford End One of the more active forums, with fewer members, this forum was first created in 2010. This is where Manchester United fans write articles, describe their love for the club, and share their most memorable experiences.

Redrants Red is an unofficial Manchester United blog started by Manchester United fans. This is where many supporters show their love for this club and share their opinion of certain current aspects related to the club.

Hooligans TV Team ”Hooligans TV” takes care of everything going on in the stadium and beyond during the weekend and it comes to you in the most accurate, objective and fast way. This site is not only for Manchester United fans, but also for fans of all football clubs all around the world. But Manchester United fans can find the best archives, as it’s the fanbase of this club that can cause the most hooliganism in most cases. Interesting blogs and articles, exclusive interviews, newest reports, ultras action, unique video and photo gallery etc. are among the things you can find in here.

United Lounge Another one of crazy Manchester United fanbase’s forums. This is where you can find articles and threads related to transfer talks, team updates, and much more!

Talkmanutd Although the member count is not as much as the other well known forums, this forum is surely very entertaining when it comes to bantering rivals and talking about current club issues. Manchester United fans are guaranteed not to be disappointed once they sign up for this forum.

Salford Red Devils Forum A fantastic new independent Manchester United forum for fans from all around the world. The members here like to have a bit of banter and also some serious discussion; they have a fully functioning matchday chat system and a ton of content. They keep this forum open to supporters of all other clubs, as a result of which, people can vocalize their opinions even freely with some heavy bantering.

Manutdtalk With 7,369 members and over 1,300,000 messages transferred, this forum is as active as any other top rated and mainstream forum. Manchester United fans from all around the globe use this forum as a platform for making themselves heard and expressing their opinions.

Therepublikofmancunia This Manchester United fan forum has almost 10,000 members and a very active community. Any Manchester United fan can find their threads active at any point of the day. Their threads and posts are very informative and well sourced. – This is the Manchester United fan forum where you can find topics to talk about and express your opinions on as soon as members log in. They have a perfectly integrated platform where anyone can search and look for topics on a search engine.

Man United Forum This is a Norwegian Man United forum. With active members and a lot of topic threads to converse on, this site is the perfect platform for Norwegian Manchester United fans.

Unitedforum.noFirst opened in 2007, this site is mainly for Manchester United fans living in Singapore.  Fans indulge in matchday discussions, banters, and whatnot on this site.

Muscbd A Manchester United fan forum based in Bangladesh. This forum currently has no website of their own but the Manchester United fanatics of Bangladesh have heated debates and conversations on MUSCBD’s official facebook page. This forum arranges various fan get-togethers, live screenings, and live events.

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