Wasted from MU, It’s a Giggs Titans Promise

Wasted from MU, It’s a Giggs Titans Promise

Ex-winger MU, Adnan Januzaj was still revenge on Louis van Gaal. He called his failure shine at Old Trafford because the Dutchman’s manager.

Adnan Januzaj was named as a future candidate for Manchester United after a special appearance under the control of David Moyes. But the change of manager from Moyes to Louis van Gaal in 2014 also affected his career.

Dutch manager is often cast criticism for Januzaj. In the 2015-16 season, Van Gaal sent him to Borussia Dortmund on loan. The period is the beginning of the declining performance of the player.

Now, Januzaj has officially left MU to join Real Sociedad permanently. 22-year-old player is intending to catapult another career in La Liga. He also has a special target if it managed to score his first goal in Spain.

“If I score a goal, I will dedicate that goal to Louis van Gaal,” said Januzaj.

“I do not want to talk about Van Gaal. Everyone already knows what my problem is with her. We do not have a good relationship. ”

“I feel frustrated when Manchester United is under the control of Van Gaal,” said the Belgian.

During his career with MU Januzaj recorded 66 appearances and contributed five goals.

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