PREDICTION Sriwijaya FC vs Perseru Serui: The Chance Gained The Full Points At The Cage

PREDICTION Sriwijaya FC vs Perseru Serui: The Chance Gained The Full Points At The Cage

Sriwijaya FC will face Perseru Serui in advanced Liga 1 competition at Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium on Wednesday (2/8) Situs Poker. Can Laskar Wong Kito win in this match? Check out the following predictions from

Sriwijaya FC currently occupies the 15th position in the standings while the League 1 and never get good results to boost their positions. Despite playing well in the last game, they were only able to achieve a 2-2 draw against Persipura.

And their chance for victory can arrive in the middle of this week, facing Perseru Serui who also collapsed until their 16th game. Currently Perseru Serui still occupies the position of the 16th in the standings, lags one rank under Sriwijaya FC but has a distance of up to six points with them.

But in the last game, Perseru Serui managed to show a relief performance, and won victory against Persib Bandung. The victory could be a mental booster troops Agus Yuwono to return to achieve good results in this match.

Sriwijaya FC as the home team in this game must show the best performance in order to bypass Persib Bandung and Semen Padang which is only one and two points above them in the current standings.

Key players

Alberto Goncalves

Sriwijaya FC clinched 2-2 against Persipura in the last game, and without the presence of Alberto Goncalves or commonly called Beto, they will not be able to achieve these results. Beto really became a sharp goal machine for Sriwijaya FC this season, and his contribution will again be needed in the match against Perseru Serui.

So far this season Beto has managed to create 10 goals for Sriwijaya FC. He also carved 3 assists which makes it more crucial on the front lines of his team. The Brazilian has an accurate shot of 68 percent, and that’s enough to make him a player to watch out for the visitors’ defense this time around.

Serui Perseru managed to achieve positive results in the match against Persib Bandung, and the star in the game is Arthur Barrios Bonai who managed to membunt overall goal of his team. Although not the biggest star in his team, the role of Bonai is undoubtedly very important for Perseru Serui’s attack.

Playing in the left wing attacker position, Bonai can be a dangerous figure for the opponent’s defense. It has a 78 percent feed accuracy, and also has a good scoring instinct. It has the potential to save his team from defeat in this match.

Prediction of the composition of Sriwijaya FC vs Perseru Serui

Sriwijaya FC XI: Nature; Yanto Basna, Ramadan, Merauje, Permana; Hyun Koo, Tijani, Ibrahim; Muhammad Nur, Hilton Moreira, Beto.

Perseru Serui XI: Sukasto; Ayomi, Zaenuri, Boman, Wopi; Meosido, Mandowen, Alua; Bonai, Uropmabin, Escobar.

Prediction Score of Sriwijaya FC vs Perseru Serui

The success of Sriwijaya FC held Persipura in their last home game showed that Hartono Ruslan’s troops began to want to improve their performance at Gelora Sriwijaya. Facing Perseru Serui this time, should Warriors Wong Kito able to achieve victory, armed with the support of the host fans and the presence of their star players on the front lines.

Prediction score: Sriwijaya FC 2-0 Perseru Serui

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