Prediction Indonesia Vs Fiji: The Luis Milla Method Exam

Prediction Indonesia Vs Fiji: The Luis Milla Method Exam

Indonesia national team will melakoni trial match facing Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (02/09/2017) Bandar Bola. Although the paper is underdog, Indonesia must clearly focus if it does not want stung.

This game is arguably the proof for Luis Milla. Because, of the three games with the senior national team, the Spanish coach was just one victory, and even then opponents of Cambodia.

Milla chance to win again with Indonesian national team wide open. Because in addition to playing in public itself, FIFA rankings, Indonesia is in the order of 175, while Fiji 181.

Moreover, Indonesia brings experienced players. Lerby Eliandry is in the spotlight beside the captain, Boaz Solossa. He became one of the most famous local players in League 1 with a collection of nine goals for Borneo FC.

Of course, Milla predicted will lower it as the spearhead with 4-5-1 prediction as in the SEA Games 2017 with U-22 national team. Lerby will be plotted as the main striker, accompanied by Andik Vermansah and M Rahmat or Slamet Nurcahyo.

“You can imagine, when we first lead the opponents of Myanmar we lost, well this time is a chance, three days of preparation I hope to be maximum, players should be able to play the concept like u-22 for 7 months if it can apply the concept is enough,” said Luis Milla.

Young Skuat

Indonesian National team
Indonesian national team players during training session ahead of the game against Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Friday (1/9/2017). Indonesia will undergo a friendly fight against Fiji. ( Iqbal Ichsan)
However, Garuda should not underestimate Fiji. Skuat nicknamed Bula Boys was indeed coming to Indonesia with a young squad. The average age of players they carry is 23 years.

Nevertheless, their squad still have a shock effect. Roy Krishna who is a senior name should be wary of.

The numbered player nine ever scored the only Fuji goal in the 2016 Olympics ago. One more thing to remember, the player who currently strengthens the A-League club, Wellington Phoenix was never scored against the Malaysian goalkeeper in a trial June 26, 2016 ago.

“We want to go abroad to face a good team like Indonesia Indonesia plays football that we like, they play football so fast It’s very upside from us We hope to give our best .. Our captain Krisna one-satunta pemaon professional , “said Coach Fiji, Christope Gamel memungkasi.

Match Facts

– In 2015 then, Fiji even recorded a successful breaking the world record largest score in history. The Pacific island nation defeated the Micronesian team with a score of 38-0.

– Fiji also has served several world-class teams. They have played against Germany, Mexico and South Korea at the 2016 Olympics.

– This is the third time both teams met. At the first meeting held in Suva on 31 May 1981, Indonesia was able to withstand Fiji’s draw with a score of 0-0. While at the second meeting at SUGBK Stadium, on August 10, 1981, Indonesia played a draw with Fiji with a score of 3-3.

– Indonesian national team has three times down in a trial with Milla. The result was just one win, losing vs Myanmar (with a U-22 squad), and being held to a goalless draw by Puerto Rico.

– During 2017, Indonesia scored three goals against three teams only, namely when winning 2-0 vs. Cambodia, and conquered Myanmar 1-3.

Head to Head:

Andritany and Satria Tama
Indonesian national team goalkeeper Andritany and Satria Tama followed the training session ahead of the game against Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, on Friday (1/9/2017). Indonesia will undergo a friendly fight against Fiji. ( Iqbal Ichsan)

31/05/1981 Fiji 0-0 Indonesia
10/08/1981 Indonesia 3-3 Fiji

5 Indonesia’s Last Match:
13/06/2017 Indonesia 0-0 Puerto Rico
08/06/2017 Cambodia 0-2 Indonesia
21/03/2017 Indonesia 1-3 Myanmar
17/12/2016 Thailand 2-0 Indonesia
14/12/2016 Indonesia 2-1 Thailand

5 Final Final Fiji:
11/06/2017 New Caledonia 2-1 Fiji
07/06/2017 Fiji 2-2 New Caledonia
28/05/2017 Fiji 1-0 Solomon Islands
25/05/2017 Fiji 1-1 Solomon Islands
28/03/2017 New Zealand 2-0 Fiji

Players Forecast:

Indonesia (4-5-1) Andritany Ardhiyasa; Beny Wahyudi, Fachrudin Aryanto, Achmad Jufriyanto, Johan Alfarizi; Andik Vermansah, Bayu Pradana, Stefano Lilipaly, Manahati Lestusen, Boaz Solossa; Lerby Eliandry.

Fiji (4-3-3): Tevita Kalisito Cakau Koroi; Epeli Leiroti, Laisenia Raura Naioko, Josefata Vunisina Neibuli, Dave Radrigai; Christopher Wasasala, Shravan Sharma, Amani Makoe Valebalavu; Misaele Umeni Draunibaka, Setareki Waqanitoga Hughes, Roy Krishna.

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