Persipura Target Victory despite Main at Persegres Cage

Persipura Target Victory despite Main at Persegres Cage

The three-point goal remains to be carried by Persipura Jayapura although it will undergo a match at Persegres Gresik United in Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Monday (14/08/2017) night Bandar Bola.

Even so, the Black Pearl team stated respect and did not underestimate the power of Persegres.

“They (Persegres) may not get good momentum this season, but that does not mean they are ugly because their opponent Sriwijaya FC can be inconvenient, even after the draw,” said coach Persipura, Wanderley Junior, in a press conference before the game on Sunday (13 / 8/2017).

“They obviously have advantages, from there, we must be vigilant and concentrated,” he said.

Wanderley also be open, with no look at the exodus of several players Persegres would facilitate his side in producing perfect points in the game later.

“We do not think so, but at the top of the board, we will remain full of concentration, we respect all the opponents, no different,” he said.


Although Persipura without Nelson Alom who must be absent due to punishment card accumulation, Wanderley still stated his squad will still play with an attacking style against Persegres, as they usually practice.

“We will try to attack because we still have Boaz Solossa and Pahabol, but they are still stubborn and concentrated and I hope the players can practice in the match as the result of the training,” Wanderley said.

“For Nelson, I have prepared a replacement, we believe he (the substitute) will support the team’s collectivity in winning,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Tahir, who is likely to be plotted to replace Nelson, added that he is ready to play and is ready to realize the target for victory in a match against Persegres.

“We are ready to win the game and we are ready to win the game,” said Tahir.

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