Marotta Reluctant to Recruit Emre Can

Marotta Reluctant to Recruit Emre Can

Juventus officials, Giuseppe Moratta, confirmed that he was reluctant to bring Liverpool midfielder, Emre Can.

Some time ago, the German player was linked to join the team Massimiliano allegri care, and is rumored that management piously ready to bid in January.

But now it seems Marotta has attracted his desire to bring in because of the owner, Liverpool are reluctant to release the player.

Marotta said: “I do not think Juventus will want to bring in Can.”

“We already have a great team. For that Juventus no longer requires new players. ”

“We have three new players in midfield. They are young and play great. ”

“I think Liverpool will not take off Can. That’s because they’ve considered it an important player. “

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