Koeman: Everton’s Appearance Becomes Bomerang For Me

Koeman: Everton’s Appearance Becomes Bomerang For Me

Ronald Koeman admitted the poor results of Everton will be boomerang for him, especially in the Olympic Lyon contra game his team must lose 1-2 when playing at home, early yesterday morning Lampubola.com.

In the game, Everton conceded thanks to Nabil Fekir when the game has been running for six minutes and Bertrand Traore dimenit 75th.

Meanwhile, the hosts only reply once through Ashley Williams’s goal. And following the bad results, Koeman also realized if his position is now at the end of the horn.

“If the team does not win and play badly, the spotlight always leads to the manager,” Koeman told local media.

“The final decision is not in my hands, but the club’s top brass. If I am not considered the right person, they will say it. “

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