Keane: Giggs Can Be Banderol 2 Billion If Still Playing

Keane: Giggs Can Be Banderol 2 Billion If Still Playing

Ex-Manchester United captain, Roy Keane try to compare the current transfer price of Ryan Giggs in the modern era. Where the player deserves to be valued worth 2 Billion Pounds Sterling.

Because the price of players in the summer transfer this mnegalami high inflation. Fueled by Neymar’s move to PSG with a 198 million pound dowry, many clubs currently have to pay extra to get new players.

Barcelona for example, they have to pay more than 98 million pounds for Ousmane Dmebele. Last season’s players were bought by Borussia Dortmund for just 12 million pounds from Rennes.

This condition makes Keane want to speak, he also convert the price of some apemain in the past, if it must be sold on the stock today. And one player who he converts the transfer value is Giggs, his partner during defending the Red Devils.

“Ruud van Nistelrooy may be worth 1 billion. David Beckham, a billion. Giggs, two billion, “Keane told the fast-paced media.

“It’s really confusing. Prices for players out there, not a player error, this happens because the market situation, the player’s value diapsar. It’s a lot of money. Even for players of ordinary quality. “

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