Allegedly Cabuli Minors, defender FC Still Exercise

Bek Sriwijaya FC Marckho Sandy Meraudje (22) ( / Indra Pratesta)

Allegedly Cabuli Minors, defender FC Still Exercise

Sriwijaya Defender FC Marckho Sandy Meraudje became public attention Palembang because word got involved in cases of alleged rape that occurred in the Hotel area Ilir Barat Permai Sbobet Indonesia. Even players who operate at right-back was briefly detained in West Ilir Police Station I Palembang.

But management can not justify it because it is still alleged course. Even Marckho Meraudje who alleged, Friday (21/7) morning, still following the training with the team who nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito.

“All the players have been training this morning, preparing for the away game, only one player is not training that is Tijani Belaid because there is a need for visa,” said Sriwijaya Secretary FC Ahmad Haris.

“Marckho’s problem is that we can not just pass the verdict, because it still upholds the principle of presumption of innocence, especially since the allegations of rape are serious crimes, there must be a complete and profound verification like a visum, not just a complaint,” he added.

Nevertheless Haris ensures that his party is ready to cooperate in order for the case to be handled by the police. “We are ready to cooperate and let the police work later,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kapolsek IB 1 Palembang Kompol Handoko Sanjaya admitted that there was a report about alleged cases of persecution in the region that dragged the player’s Sriwijaya FC. Reports from the community were received on Thursday (20/7/2017), at around 05.00 WIB. At 07.00 WIB, the officer went directly to the Place Genesis Location (TKP).

“We do an investigation in one of the hotels in room 401. We directly directly secured to the Polsek IB 1 Palembang and questioned,” he told

When secured, MSM acts cooperatively and does not take any resistance. Players from Papua is also accompanied by his colleagues. But when secured, some of his friends there who go home first, then back again to Polsek IB 1 Palembang.

Evidence of the police secured in the form of towels, fragments of broken glass, a pack of contraceptives are still wrapped and some contraceptives that have been used.

When asked about the suspicion of immoral cases conducted by MSM, Handoko Sanjaya said only limited allegations of abuse. But in the afternoon, the case was directly delegated to the Police of Palembang.

“Already interrogated Yesterday (alleged) the persecution alone, its development in Polresta Palembang,” he said.

For the victims themselves, he continued, initials IR (16) and worked as an entrepreneur. From the results of reports obtained, the victim suffered injury alleged mistreatment and will still be processed further.

“From the report it got a little scratch and (the case) entered criminal,” he said.

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